Winter in Méribel: skiing, but not only

6 years ago - Julie D.

Desire for change? We come to Méribel of course, for the joys of alpine skiing - but those who want to vary the pleasures are spoiled for choice. Paragliding, dog sled rides, skijoring, ice hockey and snowmobiling: stronger or softer sensations, the menu adapts to your want.

Why not telemark skiing?

For experienced skiers who want to discover this discipline, it is possible to take courses in the main ski schools of Méribel. The French Ski School, ESI, Oxygène and Prosneige all offer telemark skiing courses.

But telemark skiing, what is it exactly? This ski technique leaves the heel free, instead of it being attached to the ski board as in the classic alpine ski technique. It was developed in 1868 by a Norwegian carpenter, Sondre Norheim, who then emigrated to the United States. The fact that the heel is not impeded gives a very elegant look: the skier bends the inner leg to corner turns, and adopts a dancing rhythm, very stylish.

Méribel is a Mecca of telemark skiing. Indeed, in January 2017 the resort hosted the Telemark skiing World Cup. And it is also the main hideout of the Lau brothers: Chris, Philippe and Sven all distinguished in national teams and who have made Méribel their headquarters. Philippe is still part of the French telemark team, like Matti Lopez, another ski telemarketer member of the Méribel club. (Learn more about telemark skiing and its disciplines on the website of the French Ski Federation)

Fir Trees Under The Snow in Méribel

Man’s best friends: sled dog or horse hiking

If you're dreaming of virgin expanses of the Far North, why not try the sleigh ride? Prosneige in Méribel does not only offer skiing lessons: you could also go hiking with sled dogs, under the expert guidance of a professional musher. During your baptism, learn the basics first during a briefing where you will learn how to handle the sled, then go on a half-hour hike.

Discover the incredible sensations of gliding, in tune with a tribe of 7 to 10 beautiful dogs: huskies, Samoyed and malamutes, the most popular breeds of sled dogs, animals full of intelligence and power.

Hiking with sled dogs, activity offered by Prosneige.

Man’s second-best friend can also take care of the traction. Do you know of skijoring? Standing on your skis, you let yourself be pulled by a horse. Ideal for children (but not only), this activity is practiced with a first level ski star. This is the way to get acquainted with skiing while having fun, and fraternizing with a nice pony. But be careful, do not believe that skijoring is a lazy activity! In the competition version, you skate at full speed behind your horse and you cross obstacles at a vertiginous speed.

Skijoring, an activity offered by the Equestrian Center of Méribel. The Center also proposes winter horseback riding.

Snow-capped Peak in Méribel

For the children: igloo and ice hockey

On Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm, it's time to go on an adventure in the light of your headlamp - and find the perfect location to build an igloo yourself! Once the igloo is finished, we huddle inside to enjoy a well-deserved hot chocolate.

Construction of an igloo, activity for children.

For the most daredevil, Thursday from 8 pm to 10 pm, the Olympic Park rink offers introductory ice hockey sessions, with a player from the Bouquetins team. "The Bouk's", as their fans call them, shift to D1 and will play in February 2018 twice in Méribel and once in Courchevel - why not go see a match? See the calendar.

Introductory Ice Hockey Session at the Olympic Park Rink.

Pleasure of the Snow in Méribel

Switch to high gear in a snowmobile

For thrill seekers who cannot get enough of the snow, why not revisit the trails after they close, this time on a snowmobile? As night falls, the machines vroom and rush over the snow, for a discovery hike (one driver, one passenger) or sportive one (no passenger) of about 90 minutes.

The Snow Biker agency offers snowmobile trips on Méribel.

Winter paragliding

On skis, you can slide - but you can also float. In paragliding, skis make it easier to take off: no need to run, you just have to let yourself slide! From December 9th to April 22nd, visit the Saulire Express Gondola lift for a tandem paragliding baptism. Ready to take off with an instructor, you fly off gently in the air: this feeling of floating in the air, with nothing to hold you back, is unique. After a good adrenaline rush, we take a more calming pace as we get used to it.

In the air, you will admire the landscape of the peaks as far as the eye can see. Keep an eye on what you are flying over: flights go over protected natural areas, so you may have the chance to spot eagles, chamois, deer and baby deer. At the end of your flight, if your heart tells you, your instructor will suggest you to perform some impressive but safe aerobatics maneuvers.

Sorties avec Aparapente.

Practice Snowmobile in Méribel

We also have the right to not be a fan of ski...

The children are in the ski lessons, Mr. (or Mrs.!) went exploring the mogul walls on the black slope ... As for you, you would like to stay warm, and you would to take some time to pamper your skin a little, affected by the sun, the cold and the wind! Rendez-vous at the Spa des Neiges by Clarins, at the Hotel Allodis.

You could, for example, take advantage of the "Les Matins Zen" special, with access to the steam room, sauna, swimming pool and fitness, and a treatment of 25 or 50 minutes, between 10h and 14h.

Spa des Neiges by Clarins, at the Hotel Allodis, Le Belvédère, 73550 Méribel.